HP Invest, Short Term Danish Bonds Winner of Morningstar Award 2014 in the category DKK – Short (maturity) Bonds


We are pleased to inform you that HP Invest Short Term Danish Bonds for second year in a row has received the Award for best fund in the category DKK - Short (maturity) Bonds.

HP Invest Long Term Danish Bonds was among the three nominated, by Morningstar, as best fund in the category DKK Bonds, though without winning. Still very complacent to be nominated and specially as it is first time HP Long Term Danish Bonds has had the track record of minimum 5 years, as it requires to compete.

The nominees from each category are three funds with a minimum track record of five years and with a competitive three and five years return in the upper half of the category.

Most important is that the risk adjusted return for 2013 is among the highest in the category.

Since the fund's inception both HP Invest, Short and Long Term Danish Bonds has had risk adjusted returns among the highest in their peer groups.

The returns are solemnly made from investing in Danish Government and mortgage bonds issued in Danish Kroner.

It is our aims to produce high risk adjusted returns and therefore very satisfactory that this is achieved in the first years of the funds existence.

We shall do our utmost to maintain this satisfactory development in the years to come.

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